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Camberwell Road Specialists & Allied Health

Is a newly established medical centre that provides consulting rooms to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and allied health service providers.

The clinic is located on Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East and situated in the vibrant and diverse Camberwell shopping precinct.

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Our consulting suites are designed to provide comfortable and dedicated consulting and treatment rooms for clinicians and their patients.

Our aim is to provide the support and space required to help deliver the quality care our associated practitioners and their patients deserve.


Camberwell Road Specialists and Allied Health Located Area

Ground Level,

124-126 Camberwell Road,

Hawthorn East VIC

General enquiries only;

General Reception does not book or take messages for our associated independent practitioners. Please contact the providers directly through the respective links below.


Parking spaces are located on basement level, directly accessible from Camberwell Road. The clinic shares this parking area with the other practices inside the building. Disabled Parking Spaces are located next to the lift, which takes you the foyer of the clinic.

Camberwell Road Specialists & Allied Health is located on Ground Level.

  • On-site Pharmacy

  • Disability access + restrooms

  • On-site Parking and Disability Parking

(Next to Elevator) on Basement Level


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Camberwell Road Podiatry Practice is a podiatry practice focused on providing a comprehensive foot and ankle assessment to all age groups.

Our podiatrists are highly experienced, passionate and dedicated to providing the very best care for our patients.

Our podiatry services range from general foot care to complex/specialised foot and ankle problems.

Dr Meena Mittal

Dr Mittal is a highly qualified and experienced pain medicine specialist practising in Victoria. She completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Melbourne in 2003 with Honours. She then went on to complete a Fellowship in Anaesthesia at the Alfred Hospital in 2013. Recognising the importance of acute and chronic pain management, she completed a Fellowship of Pain Medicine (with Honours) at the Alfred Hospital in 2014. Since then, she has dedicated herself to the combined practices of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine.

Dr Mittal’s practice is focused on helping patients obtain a better understanding of chronic or persistent pain and how best to manage it. She places paramount importance on improving the quality of life for patients living with chronic pain. She has an innate ability to relate to patients and make them feel comfortable with discussing their pain condition. She provides comprehensive care, clear communication and believes in collaborative and coordinated care whilst engaging with the patients, their general practitioners, specialists and allied health professionals.

Dr Mittal believes in interdisciplinary care for chronic pain management with utilisation of medications, topical treatment, physical therapy, psychological therapy and pain interventions. She has a special interest in neuromodulation including spinal cord and peripheral nerve/ field stimulation.

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Fasa Foot and Ankle Specialists Logo

Dr Mittal Provides Treatment for the Following Conditions

• Musculoskeletal pain

• Sciatica/ Brachialgia

• Facet joint pain

• Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

• Neuropathic pain

• Chronic low back pain

• Chronic thoracic back pain

• Chronic neck pain

• Large Joints pain – knees, hips, shoulders

• Small joints pain – hands, feet

• Chronic Headaches

• Occipital Neuralgia

• Migraines

• Tension Headaches

• Persistent post-surgical pain

• Persistent post spinal surgery pain

• Post Trauma pain

• Post herpetic neuralgia

• Complex regional pain syndrome

• Chronic pelvic pain

• Endometriosis related pain

• Chronic abdominal pain

• Visceral pain

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Dr. Nathaniel Preston (from FASA, Foot and Ankle Specialists Australia)

FASA Specialists are drivers in evidence based surgical and non-surgical interventions.

Dr. Nathaniel Preston is committed to the principles of evidence based medicine. He has presented numerous research projects at national science conferences on a wide variety of topics including fracture management, trauma reconstruction, arthroscopy, stem cell therapy, ligament reconstruction, osteomyelitis management, soft tissue lesions, pathologic fracture management, bunion correction technique, fixation strength, complex ankle reconstruction, salvage reconstruction of failed Total Ankle Implants, and neuroma surgical management.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Forefoot Surgery (Bunion / Hammertoe)
  • Arthroscopic Surgery (MIS)
  • Flatfoot Reconstructive Surgery
  • Acute / Chronic Foot & Ankle Trauma
  • Tendon / Ligament Surgical Repair
  • Midfoot / Rearfoot Reconstruction
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Perception Psychiatry

Dr Anthony Cidoni, Director and Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist of Perception Psychiatry.

Perception Psychiatry specialises in private and VLA court reports including:

Criminal Law, Fitness to be tried, Mental Impairment and Family Law.

All bookings and contact are made through emailing Perception Psychiatry Directly,

Please see his website for related details and contact information.

Between patients, we sterilise and clean the consulting rooms and equipment to safeguard your health and safety in our practice. We thank you for your respect and understanding at this time.

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Located in the Inner East suburb of Hawthorn East, Camberwell Road Specialists & Allied Health is a newly renovated, modern and fully furnished consulting and space for medical specialists and allied health professionals.

Our facility and services include:

Full time reception staff for meet and greet

Spacious patient waiting room

Waiting room with water, coffee and tea

Children’s corner

Wheelchair access

Internet, phone and fax

Printing, photocopying and scanning

Patient toilets

Modern staff amenities (including staff room, kitchen and bathroom)

Ample onsite basement car park for patients and staff

On-site disabled parking

Onsite Pharmacy

General Practitioners (GPs) located on Level 1

To arrange an inspection or for any further information please contact us at


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We appreciate all honest feedback directed to our contact email. Your feedback helps us improve and work better, together.

We will keep your feedback discrete, confidential, and if you wish, anonymous, too.

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Camberwell Road Specialists & Allied Health is a newly established medical centre that provides consulting rooms to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and allied health service providers in Hawthorn East.

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